New technology of precision make

- Regrinding of PCB trimming endmill and router New technology created by accuracy with adoption of stringent quality control exceeding the conventional concept, we are evolving our regrinding technology day by day. Solid quality control organization creates new technology, and efforts to surpass the new technology create the higher technology. -- We commit ourselves to keep perusing higher accuracy to pioneer the future of the PCB trimming endmill (slitting router) and router.

successfully met the expecitations

We have adopted our own quality tolerance standards much severer than those of tool manufacture's standards in regrinding the PCB trimming endmill (slitting router) in order to meet our philosophy, the quality is everything we can provide our customers with. We believe that our simple honesty to the quality resulted in the "20-year of zero-fault after delivery". We have to keep be responsive to expectations in order to be chosen. We will keep working hard to pursue the "Monozukuri (Japanese craftsmanship of manufacturing)" in order to satisfy our customers.

New Products/Services

MS Technical Products Co., Ltd. provides the service for regrinding the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) trimming endmill (slitting router) and router, and manufactures/markets the semi-automatic regrinding machine. Our reliable technology based on the stringent and unique standards has been highly esteemed in Japan as well as in the world and well received by a lot of customers.