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Name MS Technical Products Co., Ltd.
Representative Toshio Morita
Address 6-6-11 Ebara, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 142-0063 MAP
TEL +81-3-3788-8331
FAX +81-3-3788-8332
Capital paid 18,000,000 JPY
Established April, 1991
Number of employees 20
Holidays Weekends and National holidays
Business Portfolio Service for cemented carbide bar centerless grinding / Service for cemented carbide surface grinding / Manufacturing and sales of regrinding machine for PCB endmill and router bits / Manufacturing and sales of endmill for metalworking

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Privacy Policy of MS Technical Products Co., Ltd.

The privacy policy (private information protection policy) of MS Technical Products is introduced in this page. The company (hereinafter referred to as "MSTP" or "we") provides the regrinding service of the endmill and router for the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) trimming endmill (slitting router) and router and manufactures/sells the semi-automatic regrinding machine.

MSTP recognizes the social importance of personal information protection and has set forth the following policy to protect the personal information and to comply with the related laws, ordinances, and regulations.

Collection of personal information
For the smooth business operations and offering of services, MSTP will collect the personal information (business information) of its customers such as e-mail address, phone number, name (company name), address ages, etc. In principle, the personal information is collected under the "consent of customer" and only after clearly expressing the purpose of the information collection to the customer.
Use of personal information
MSTP will use the personal information provided by its customer to appropriately carry out the service required by the customer; to inform the customer of new products and services; and to answer or confirm the customer's question. If the purpose of using the personal information seems exceeding the reasonable scope of the use, MSTP will take appropriate action after informing the customer of that effect.
Limitation of handling of personal information
Unless there is the proper justification, MSTP will not disclose the personal information of its customer to parties others than its business partner and sub-contractor. Please note that the customer's personal information may be disclosed to the transportation service provider and other company required for us to perform the contract with the customer.
Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information
MSTP shall, to the maximum extent possible, try to keep the personal information accurate and be updated. Please use the following mail form or contact point to request the disclosure, correction and/or deletion of personal information. We will comply with the request as soon as possible but only after it is confirmed that the request has been made by you in order to prevent any personal information from being leaked.
Privacy policy update and Inquiry desk
Our privacy policy is subject to be updated appropriately to further improve the protection of your personal information and to comply with any amendments of the laws, ordinances, and regulations. When you have any question and inquiry pertaining to our privacy policy, please use this Mail form in this site or contact with the following personal:

Contac us
Name : MS Technical Products Co., Ltd.
Contact : Toshio Morita