PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Trimming Drill / Endmill / Router

Semi-automatic Regrinding Machine

Cost saving and productivity improvement by
regrinding endmill and router

MS Technical Products has developed its own semi-automatic regrinding machine, "MST-100s" for regrinding the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) trimming endmill and router. This is one of a kind machine in the world that can support the right hand flute/left hand spiral bits and fish tail bits for the PCB trimming endmill (slitting router) and router. Having a lot of heritages in Japan as well as in the world as shown in the Our achievement, we are sure that this machine will be able to meet your expectations.

Cost saving and Productivity/Regrinding accuracy improvement

Due to price soaring of raw materials like tungsten, the tools such as PCB trimming endmill (slitting router) and router are hardly discarded even if they are worn down. With introduction and use of our "MST-100s", you will be able to regrind the worn endmill and router by yourself and make a lot of cost saving.

Features of "MST-100s"

・ Simple setup of the number of flutes, lead angle, and grinding speed with the adoption of servo motor
・ Implementation of simple and highly regrinding operability from the monitor window
・ Much shorter regrinding time (Approximately 1/2 of regrinding time with the conventional machine)
・ Can regrind the right hand flute/left hand spiral bits and fish tail bits, which enhances the regrinding accuracy.

We can also provide you with the semi-automatic regrinding machine, "MST-200s" for the right hand flute/left hand spiral bit tools. Click the Inquiry for details and any inquiry.

Specification of MST-100s

We can regrind the following bits:

・ Endmill (Slitting router)
・ Router (Chip-breaker)
・ Router (Diamond router)
* Regrinding of diamond router bits would result in a little insufficient restoration of the bits.
* This machine regrinds the flutes extending them into the uncut section of the tool until there is no more cutting section available.

Regrinding Time (Reference)
Router (Dia.=2mm x 7-flute x Flute length=9mm) 30 seconds/one router
Endmill (Dia.=0.6mm x 2-flute x Flute length=10mm) 10 seconds/one endmill
Specification of Machine
Dimensions W550mm × L550mm × H1550mm
Weight Approx. 300kg
Power supply Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz 10A (Optional dust collector is not included)