PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Trimming Drill / Endmill / Router

Cleaning Machine

Simplify troublesome cleaning of drill,
router and endmill

MS Technical Products has developed its own cleaning machine for PCB trimming drill / endmill / router, which allows you to clean the tools efficiently with the simple operations. You can set 20 bits at a time in the machine and save your time and labor, while keeping the high cleaning power intact. This is the machine that can be manufactured only by us who know every detail of the PCB trimming endmill (slitting router) and router.

Efficient cleaning thanks to the inner case directly set in the machine

In the conventional cleaning machine, every bit has to be sandblasted one by one, which is troublesome and laborious. However in our cleaning machine for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) trimming drill / endmill / router, the inner case itself capable of holding 20 bits can be set in the machine, in which bits are rotated to allow the perimeter of bit to be solidly cleaned. This machine will be essential to keep ensuring the accuracy of the drill, endmill (slitting router), and router.

Features and specification of cleaning machine for drill, endmill and router

Inner case capable of holding 20 bits can be set in the machine.

Every bit can be cleaned solidly because bits are rotated and cleaned.

Specification of Machine
Dimensions W170mm × L630mm × H220mm
Weight Approx. 11kg
Power supply AC100V 1.4A